Warriors to Win 2017 NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors are Overwhelming Favorites to win 2017 NBA Championship

With the Golden State Warriors a 1/3 favorite to win the championship this year, you might be looking for ways to get more value out of your picks. 
While NBA Final props may not be published yet, it is entirely possible that you could get some great odds on specific occurrences.

Warriors Betting Odds 2017

For example, if you are certain the Golden State Warriors are going to win the series, you could be on the amount of games that they will win the series in. You have to give the Cavs one, maybe two wins in the series, so there might be value in betting the amount of games that the Warriors will win the series in.

Another way to get value out of the NBA finals to bet on the eventual Finals MVP. If you are banking on an upset, it might be a good idea to bet on LeBron James. If you believe that the Warriors would win, why wouldn’t Steph Curry be the MVP for the team. While anything could happen, these outcomes are likely when speculating who will win the 2017 NBA Finals MVP Award.

Online sportsbooks will have these odds listed before Game 1 so go ahead and lock in your bets as soon as they are posted.

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