Legal Online Sports Betting is Available in Nevada

The next time you go to Las Vegas, you might be surprised to learn that online sports betting is legal throughout the state.

While offshore sportsbooks have been proven to be safe, online sports betting apps such as William Hill have become licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission. This means that you can bet on sports online using the William Hill app when you are physically within the state of Nevada.

You ask yourself, “Why would I use a sports betting app when I am in Las Vegas?” If you are in Las Vegas and nearest sports book has a line out the door, submitting your bet before the event starts could prove to be difficult. If you are reading this article you are most likely a Canadian resident but if you travel to Las Vegas every now and then this might help you. In any case, these types of legislation rules will also answer online sports betting Canada legal questions and can be used as a legal guide for bettors who live in Canada.

Legal Online Sports Betting is Available in Nevada

With legal and regulated online sports betting now available in Nevada, sports bettors can skip the line and gain access to lines, odds and betting spreads from the comfort of their own mobile device.

You can even fund your account before you go to Nevada, however, if you try to use the app outside of Nevada, your bet will not be processed.

Best of all, when you win, some casinos will allow you to collect your winnings in cash while others will let you draft your winnings directly back into your checking account.

If you are going to bet on sports in Las Vegas, the William Hill app may be your best bet to do just that.

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