MLB Betting Strategies for 2016

Baseball is a numbers game and those who are sharps at statistics can profit while betting on baseball. The run line is like the point spread bet found in basketball and football. With the runline, a team is automatically spotted a 1 and half run edge on the other team. Since most baseball victories happen within one run, the 1 ½ runline provides adjusted betting odds that are closer to 50/50 for each team.

MLB Betting Strategies for 2016

If you can find a team that has consistently lost to another team by multiple runs, it may be wise to execute a run line bet in order to get better payoffs.

Another idea may be to select a large parlay ticket and only select the moneyline winners. When you do this, you will likely get paid off on a large sum should you hit the bet. MB is perfect for parlay wagers because so many games happen each day. If you can find some lopsided pitching matchups, paylay wagers become that much easier to execute and win in the long run.

MLB betting often reaches its peak around the World Series. When teams begin playing in the World Series, the entire sportsbetting population in Canada is watching to see which team comes out on top of the biggest spectacle in baseball.

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