NFL Offseason News

The 2016-2017 NFL Season will be here before you know it. Although the Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl last season, the NFL could be up for grabs.

The Broncos recently split ways with Peyton Manning, leaving the starting QB spot open. The Broncos have brought in a few quarterbacks who are known to be game managers. Can the Broncos repeat as Super Bowl Champions with Mark Sanchez taking the snaps under center?

NFL Offseason News

Another big NFL off season question will be the availability of Marshawn Lynch. Although the former Seattle running back has not officially signed his NFL retirement papers, some sports analysts feel as if Marshawn could make a return to the NFL.

Speaking of comebacks, does Johnny Manziel have what it takes to wear an NFL Jersey again? Manziel has had his share of off the field issues, which has caused him to become an unrestricted free agent. Can Johnny Football get his act together and act like a professional football player in the NFL? Johnny Manziel was recently photographed at a sports bar in Las Vegas watching the NFL draft. Just a few years ago, Manziel was being introduced as the new quarterback for the Cleveland Browns on that very same stage. Does Manziel have a chance of making it back into the NFL?

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