Can the Lakers or Celtics Return to Glory

Update: Two of the most-storied franchises in NBA history – the Lakers and the Celtics – have come across hard times in recent years. The Celtics lost a number of talented players from their championship team including Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett, while the Lakers have been dealing with injuries to star Kobe Bryant. Unfortunately, the short term outlook for each of these franchises doesn’t appear to be much brighter.

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For the 2015-16 season, the Lakers are listed at 66/1 to win the NBA title, while the Celtics come in at 75/1. Although Bryant is expected to play for the Lakers, his health (and age) will be an ongoing concern. Also, even if he is healthy, there are plenty of questions regarding the rest of the roster. On the Celtics side of the equation, youth is the order of the day. There is some talent in place with players like Marcus Smart and R.J. Hunter, but it will likely be years before this group is ready to threaten the teams at the top of the Eastern Conference.

The good news for the NBA is that, even without the Lakers and Celtics in contention, there are plenty of exciting teams to watch. The Cavaliers and Warriors are certainly teams loaded with top talent, and the Thunder and Spurs aren’t far behind. It seems likely that both the Lakers and Celtics will one day return to near the top of the pro game, but the NBA is in capable hands until that time comes.

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