Can the Golden State Warriors Repeat

Yes, we know the NBA season just seems to have finished but believe it or not the 2015-16 NBA season is only a few weeks away with the start of training camp and the NBA pre-season. So what does NBA pre-season bring? It brings NBA pre-season betting, of course.

It might be harder for teams in the NBA to move from the bottom to the top than in any other sport, but that is exactly the transition that has just been completed by the Golden State Warriors. Once a bottom feeder in the Western Conference, the Warriors are now NBA Champions with a young core of players that could be together for years to come. Led by MVP Steph Curry and Coach Steve Kerr, the Warriors appear to be poised for an extended run of title contention.

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But what do the odds makers think of their chances in 2015-16? Are the Warriors going to be able to return to the top of the game when so many other viable contenders have to be dealt with? In the early going, the Warriors are actually the third betting favorite for the 2015 title, behind the Cavaliers and the Spurs. Cleveland, of course, has LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, along with Kevin Love who was hurt during the last playoff run. As long as LeBron is in a Cleveland uniform, they will be a legitimate threat for the crown. When it comes to online sports betting it’s not just the legitimate threats you have to take into consideration, but more importantly what NBA teams have the experience of winning that you should place your NBA futures bets on. The Spurs are bringing back their aging core of Parker/Duncan/Ginobili, and have also added free agent LaMarcus Aldridge to the mix. Given their track record of success and the incredible resume of Gregg Popovich, the Spurs certainly can’t be counted out.

With all of that said, the Golden State Warriors cannot be overlooked as a potential repeat candidate. With incredible shooting from the outside and stout defense, the Warriors have everything it takes to claim back to back rings.

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