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So you want to bet on sports online but you don’t know where to start or how to bet over the Internet? Well, listen up because today we are going to be looking at the NFL’s AFC East division and updated betting odds for 2015.

No division in football has been more lopsided in recent years than the AFC East. While the Cots have dominated in the AFC South, the control that the New England Patriots have had over the AFC East is second to none. Over the past twelve seasons, the Patriots have taken the East title an incredible eleven times. The only season in which the Patriots fell short was 2008, when the Dolphins took the division after Tom Brady was lost to a season-ending injury.

Bet On Sports Online

Of course, Tom Brady is now coming off of a Super Bowl title and will be ready to lead the team once again in 2015. The Patriots are the easy favorite in the East this coming season, with posted odds around -225. The Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills are both given odds around +500, and the New York Jets are projected to struggle once again. In a division that has not seen many surprises since the turn of the century, 2015 seems to be another year that will be dominated by the Patriots dynasty.

One interesting storyline to watch for in 2015 is the movement of head coach Rex Ryan from the Jets to the Bills. It is rare for a head coach to change teams in-division from one year to the next, so the two matchups between these two New York teams should be hotly contested. However, unless one of those two teams can put up a surprising performance, those games may be strictly for bragging rights as the Patriots roll to a 12th title in 13 years.

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