Where to Get Online Betting Tips for NFL NCAA NBA MLB

Today we will be reviewing where to get the best online betting tips for NFL, NCAA, NBA, NHL, and MLB picks if you live in Canada and looking for a Canadian online sportsbook in 2017.

Betting on sports online can sometimes seem difficult, especially if you are on a downswing. When you find websites that give you online betting tips for NFL, NCAA, NBA and MLB, you can certainly gain an inside perspective as to what other sports bettors are thinking. This can help you determine whether or not it is a good idea to bet on a particular event. Here are few resources that will help you find sports betting tips.

2017 Online Betting Tips

Social Media Must Follows for Sports Bettors

Following influential sports bettors on social media is a good method of sharpening up your sports betting picks. For example, Colin Cowherd typically gives 5 NFL sports betting picks each week on his daily radio show. Another person on social media you could follow is RJ Bell. Many know RJ Bell as the CEO of Pregame.com. When you follow RJ Bell on Twitter, you’ll gain expert insight into the biggest sporting events being commonly bet upon in the books.

Sports Betting Websites to Read

If you are betting on football, you should always read blogs like ProFootballTalk and others to get the latest scoop on the happenings in the NFL. You may want to setup Google Alerts to give you instant feedback when an event happens in regards to a team that you are betting upon. This applies for any sport, but you should always stay on top of the news in your sport in case an injury or scandal becomes news. When it happens, you’ll want to evaluate what could happen in regards to the bets you are intending to place.

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