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Rio Olympics Betting Odds

The 2016 Olympics are about to commence and they will take place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The Summer Olympics are held every 4 years in a new city that Read More

2016 BCS Championship Long Shots

When teams compete in NCAA’s BCS division for the national championship, some teams may have to overcome long odds in order to win the honors of being called national champion. Read More

NCAA College Football Preview 2016

You may not realize it but the 2016 NCAA Football season is right around the corner. As you would expect, the Alabama Crimson Tide are the preseason favorites to win Read More

MLB Betting Strategies for 2016

Baseball is a numbers game and those who are sharps at statistics can profit while betting on baseball. The run line is like the point spread bet found in basketball Read More

Probable National League Wild Card Teams

The National League is full of contenders as teams such as the St. Louis Cardinals are looking to find a way into the playoffs behind the league best Chicago Cubs. Read More

American League Wild Card Race

With so many tight divisional races in the American League, many MLB clubs will have to settle for a Wild Card spot in the American League playoffs. Some of the Read More

American League Teams to Watch

While the overall favorites to win the World Series is currently the Chicago Cubs, many American League teams have a good shot at winning the World Series in 2016. Many Read More

National League Teams to Watch

Are you excited about the finish of the 2016 MLB regular season? The MLB playoffs provide high drama and excitement for baseball fans who anticipate action. Baseball is a game Read More

3 Teams that are Underperforming in the National League

Baseball is a game of ups and downs. Even the biggest stats geeks will agree that baseball is a game of inches and that is why it is so important Read More

American League Surprises

With almost half of the MLB season behind us, a few teams in the American League are definitely standing out in terms of exceeding all preseason expectations. Lets take a Read More