How to Bet on Horse Races in Canada

One of the best traditions in all of North America is the thoroughbred horse racing industry. Did you know that Canada is home to some of the world’s best horse racing tracks? The Woodbine Race Course outside of Toronto is home to some Canada’s best horse racing action.

The best part of watching a horse race is being able to bet on the race itself. What if you could have your own personal off track betting app on your smart phone that could help you lock in horse racing bets no matter the course?

How to Bet on Horse Races in Canada

In Canada, you’d simply login to Bovada’s mobile portal and you can begin betting on Horse Racing from tracks located all over Canada and the US. With horse racing rising in popularity in Canada, you might want to keep an eye on some of the races that are happening at Canadian Horse Racing tracks.

Canada hosts some of the best night racing events in the horse racing circuit. When you use Bovada to lock in your bets, you have the benefit of getting a weekly bonus for betting on horse racing whether you win or lose! If you are looking to bet on horses in Canada, you can not go wrong with Bovada’s racebook betting app.

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