2016 NFL Coaching Hot Seat Watch

The hot seat watch for NFL coaches begins in week 1 for some teams. For example, teams that have not changed coaches in several years that do not seem to improve, their coaches may be at risk for finding a new job. Here is a list of coaches that may be on the hot seat in 2016.

2016 NFL Coaching Hot Seat Watch

Rex Ryan

After spending a few years in Buffalo, Rex Ryan is officially on the hot seat if the Bills are not in the playoffs. Rex Ryan has had success with the New York Jets and as an assistant at the Baltimore Ravens. The Buffalo Bills are ready to excel to the next level because they are loaded with talent. Can Rex Ryan keep his job in Buffalo?

Marvin Lewis

Although Marvin Lewis has brought the Bengals into the playoffs in several recent seasons, the Bengals head coach could be next coach fired in the NFL should the Bengals underperform and not make the playoffs. The Bengals looked unstoppable last year until quarterback Andy Dalton became injured. Can the Bengals win enough game to save their coaches job?

Jason Garrett

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems to like Jason Garrett, but the team must do well for Garrett to keep his job in 2017. In fact, the Cowboys have been known to fire head coaches mid season, so it uncertain as to whether or not Garrett can make change the Cowboys need during the 2016 season.

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