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It happens every year in the NFL – a team that is expected to be bad shocks the league by winning nine or ten games and making into the playoffs. It isn’t so much a matter of if this will happen in 2015, as it is a matter of which team it will be. As fans all across the country hope that it is their team that rises from worst to first, there are a few signs that may point to which teams are poised to take a leap. These are the types of things that set the veterans apart from the newbies when it comes to NFL online betting and that is why if you live in Canada and you want to bet at Bodog or SIA, you need to take our below picks and predictions into consideration.

The first thing that one of these kinds of teams needs is a good quarterback. The NFL is a quarterback-driven league, and it is difficult to make any noise without a quality signal caller. For that reason, New Orleans and San Diego stand out right away as possibilities. With Drew Brees and Philip Rivers calling the shots for those two teams, they will always have a chance to score some points. Currently betting odds at Canadian online sportsbooks have the Saints sitting at Over/Under 6 wins this coming season which does not smell great.

NFL Online Betting Canda

Also, a weak division is a good sign that a team may be able to break out. Since teams play the other teams in their division twice each, having poor competition for those six games can greatly help when trying to lock down a playoff spot. This is another area that may favor the Chargers. While the Broncos are the division favorite and are sure to be tough, the four games against the Raiders and the Chiefs may not be so bad. With an experienced QB and some potentially soft games in the division, the San Diego Chargers are a team that has a chance – despite being listed at 45/1 NFL odds to win the Super Bowl 2015.

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